Meaning of hyperextend in English:


Pronunciation /hʌɪpərɛksˈtɛnd/


[with object]
  • Forcefully extend a limb or joint beyond its normal limits, either in exercise or therapy or so as to cause injury.

    ‘he hyperextended his left knee during the last game’
    • ‘They ensure that the patient's hips and knees are not hyperextended.’
    • ‘Those who tend to hyperextend the neck due to chorea or dystonia should be encouraged and reminded to use a ‘chin-tuck’ position.’
    • ‘Exercises should be done in a controlled manner, over a full range of motion and without hyperextending the joints.’
    • ‘Keep your elbow slightly bent at the bottom so you don't hyperextend the joint.’
    • ‘The lateral film should be done upright with no attempt made to hyperextend the neck which can cause complete airway obstruction.’
    • ‘The examiner passively rotates the affected hip externally and hyperextends it simultaneously.’
    • ‘His mechanics are poor - he hyperextends his elbow, which throws off his command.’
    • ‘Sabathia hyperextended the elbow April 5, and his velocity has been down since.’
    • ‘On his first day back, he hyperextended his back, which will keep him out at least a week.’
    • ‘If the superficialis tendon is injured, the distal IP joint will hyperflex, and the proximal IP joint will hyperextend.’
    • ‘This joint can also hyperextend; this is much more common in females than in males.’
    • ‘Beware of hyperextending your standing knee.’
    • ‘Avoid hyperextending your knee as you straighten your leg.’
    • ‘But I had hyperextended knees and forced turnout.’
    • ‘I'd sustained a concussion, hyperextended my back and hip, yanked a ligament in my knee, and had my ego shattered.’
    • ‘Upon landing, I lost balance, hyperextended my left knee and tore my ACL.’
    • ‘These lasted a couple of weeks but soon ended after Wright hyperextended both knees during a training session.’
    • ‘Don't hyperextend your knee on the push stroke.’
    • ‘Externally rotate your right hip, taking care not to hyperextend the right knee, and tilt your belly and chest up toward the ceiling.’
    • ‘Slowly release to return to the starting position, being careful not to hyperextend your knee or let the hamstrings relax.’