Meaning of hyperphagia in English:


Pronunciation /ˌhʌɪpəˈfeɪdʒ(ɪ)ə/


mass nounMedicine
  • An abnormally great desire for food; excessive eating.

    ‘Preparation for migration and for winter requires a period of hyperphagia and a laying down of fat reserves.’
    • ‘Although hyperphagia is well documented during and prior to migration, it is not known whether it persists until birds reach their breeding grounds.’
    • ‘Children with Prader-Willi syndrome show extreme hyperphagia and obsessive-compulsive behavior.’
    • ‘Most juveniles do not undergo hyperphagia or rapid fattening at this wintering site.’
    • ‘Cocaine withdrawal bears a striking similarity to the symptoms of depressive disorders, typically including exhaustion, hypersomnia, hyperphagia, depressed mood, as well as intermittent periods of cocaine craving.’
    • ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder patients tend to exhibit hyperphagia and carbohydrate cravings, symptoms typical of inadequate brain serotonin.’
    greed, greediness, overeating, overconsumption, binge eating, gourmandism, gourmandizing, gluttonousness, voraciousness, voracity, wolfishness, insatiability


1940s modern Latin, from hyper- + Greek phagia ‘eating’ (from phagein ‘eat’).