Meaning of hyperspace in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhʌɪpəspeɪs/


mass noun
  • 1Space of more than three dimensions.

    ‘Furthermore, in eighth dimensional hyperspace, the strength of correlation between two events does not weaken as they draw further apart.’
    • ‘The vortex that occurs on a 3-d sphere rotating in hyperspace could be a conduit to other dimensions or parallel universes.’
    • ‘I'm scanning all hyperspace frequencies and wavelengths, along with all sensor and communication relay nets.’
    • ‘The UN briefing tape shows a live satellite feed from the space shuttle showing space craft obviously using hyperspace technology.’
    • ‘The real space of the viewer can become a kind of hyperspace.’
    • ‘De Certeau's oppositional term, ‘tactic’, can, on the other hand, be used to conceptualise hyperspace and the screener's activity.’
    1. 1.1(in science fiction) a notional space–time continuum in which it is possible to travel faster than light.
      ‘Soon the star field distorted and the rebel ships disappeared into the vortex of hyperspace.’
      • ‘He could see the vivacious beauty of hyperspace out beyond the magnetic containment field.’
      • ‘After a few minutes of tense waiting, Kade's scanner detected a massive tachyon burst, indicating the Sirran ships had entered hyperspace.’
      • ‘Without warning, the sensors on the Achilles pinged a pair of hyperspace contacts headed straight for Inner Sol.’
      • ‘When a ship exited a wormhole and dropped from hyperspace to normal, there was a distinct effect on the human body.’
      • ‘The two ships dropped out of hyperspace, just outside the planet's gravitational range.’
      • ‘Those in the support fleet who weren't neutralized fled to the sanctuary of hyperspace en route back to Confederate Space.’
      • ‘The Commander glanced at his sensors and saw that the massive space station had jumped to hyperspace, its interdiction field now gone.’
      • ‘We can fire the Superlaser, and create a black hole to suck them into, or just have simple space warfare, and escape through hyperspace.’
      • ‘Certain points in space allow for easier access to hyperspace, so spacestations and bases are often constructed nearby them.’
      • ‘An entire sector of space flashed as thousands of human ships came out of hyperspace.’
      • ‘In the middle of that chaos Ivanov ordered impatiently: ‘Leap into hyperspace now!’’
      • ‘A ship emerged from the center of the wormhole, and moments later the gateway through hyperspace contracted into nothing behind the starship.’
      • ‘I was going to alert them to prepare for battle a half an hour before we come out of hyperspace.’
      • ‘We are going to hop around in hyperspace for a while until we come up with some ideas.’
      • ‘There's a ship coming out of hyperspace about 10 million miles from here.’
      • ‘Come out of hyperspace, we're approaching earth's orbit.’
      • ‘All of a sudden, another cruiser (an SD), jumped in from hyperspace.’
      • ‘Around them, more ships came out of hyperspace.’
      • ‘‘Something just knocked us out of hyperspace,’ Mira said, getting up and walking over to the view port.’