Meaning of hyperventilate in English:



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  • 1Breathe at an abnormally rapid rate, so increasing the rate of loss of carbon dioxide.

    ‘she started to hyperventilate under stress’
    • ‘In times of extreme stress, people may shake uncontrollably, hyperventilate (breathe faster and deeper than normal) or even vomit.’
    • ‘Subjects may hyperventilate for several minutes before diving to increase underwater time.’
    • ‘These changes contribute to the high anion gap that hyperventilating patients may demonstrate, as observed initially in this patient.’
    • ‘It's the silly, hyperventilating category of ‘pre-hypertension’ that we're ignoring.’
    • ‘I started to hyperventilate and couldn't breathe.’
    • ‘I'm going to start hyperventilating any minute now.’
    • ‘This will cause a certain subset of the population to begin hyperventilating and breathing into paper bags.’
    • ‘Patients can reproduce these spells by hyperventilating in a controlled environment.’
    • ‘To find out if you over-breathe or hyperventilate the device includes a procedure for measuring your volume of lung ventilation.’
    • ‘Her mouth moved opened and closed with each breath, coming in such rapid fire that she was sure she would hyperventilate any second.’
    • ‘The subject was then switched to a rebreathing bag and was asked to stop hyperventilating.’
    • ‘So does that mean you become light headed and silly, or faint, as you would if you hyperventilated at sea level?’
    • ‘This compensation is usually excellent, as most asthmatics hyperventilate during an episode of wheezing with dyspnea.’
    • ‘He then began to hyperventilate and allegedly fainted and hit the car in front of him.’
    • ‘She immediately began panicking, hyperventilating into her breath mask as she floated in the water tank, pushing against the glass walls.’
    • ‘I recognised him and tried to say something but just ended up shuddering and gasping breaths, hyperventilating.’
    • ‘Her breathing sounded more like hyperventilating as she paced back and forth.’
    • ‘I crawled away and knelt on the deck, trying to slow my breathing before I hyperventilated.’
    • ‘Taking deep breaths she began to hyperventilate, but in a more discreet way.’
    • ‘She began vomiting, hyperventilating, and convulsing.’
  • 2Be or become overexcited.

    ‘he was hyperventilating about a minor newspaper story’
    ‘it was one less thing to hyperventilate about’