Meaning of hypochondriacal in English:


Pronunciation /ˌhʌɪpə(ʊ)kɒnˈdrʌɪək(ə)l/


  • Of or affected by hypochondria.

    ‘she was extremely hypochondriacal’
    • ‘Why do people exhibit hypochondriacal behavior?’
    • ‘His study shows that those with high hypochondriacal tendencies were more likely to involuntarily focus on anthrax-related stimuli.’
    • ‘Diane Ladd is a regular patient, as hypochondriacal as she is telepathic, booking herself in as if by Ticketmaster to a matinee.’
    • ‘They are not usually hypochondriacal, but something bad happens that makes them feel guilty.’
    • ‘Delusions of parasitosis belongs to a group of disorders called ‘monosymptomatic hypochondriacal psychosis.’’
    • ‘Depressed and hypochondriacal, Joe goes to the doctor and learns that he has a fatal ‘brain cloud’ (don't ask).’
    • ‘This freezing fish rule is a hypochondriacal approach to health-care regulation, fuelled by Toronto's post-SARS paranoia and antisepticism.’
    • ‘Both the Underground Man and Rudolf are middle-aged men living in isolation - simultaneously sick and hypochondriacal.’
    • ‘As he hovers between life and death, another patient, the hypochondriacal Sally Druse, checks herself in under false pretenses.’
    • ‘His epicene beauty and use of cosmetics to cover hypochondriacal pallor prompted Pope's spiteful brilliance of ‘Let Sporus tremble’.’
    • ‘‘These ads have had a very large impact on a somewhat hypochondriacal public,’ says Findlay.’
    • ‘Try not to be too hard on his hypochondriacal parents.’
    • ‘Blanchett is charming, Thornton, as a hypochondriacal and generally obsessive personality, is amusing.’
    • ‘I chose not to sidetrack here into the bassoonists' hypochondriacal woes.’
    • ‘It seems like nothing more than a hypochondriacal disorder or the ramblings of an overanxious person.’
    • ‘She suffers from hypochondriacal concerns, besides a number of somatic symptoms, which her GP could report on in full.’
    • ‘I suppose its title had a sort of hypochondriacal or psychosomatic effect over the blog.’
    • ‘The fact is, there are plenty of hypochondriacal men in the world, certainly as many such men as there are women.’
    • ‘He was hypochondriacal and photophobic, believing that daylight could damage his eyes.’
    • ‘Dad would refuse to speak to us all for a week as he manfully kept his secret hypochondriacal worries to himself.’
    valetudinarian, valetudinary, malingering, neurotic, health-obsessed, obsessed with one's health, preoccupied with ill health, anxious about one's health