Meaning of hyponym in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhʌɪpə(ʊ)nɪm/

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  • A word of more specific meaning than a general or superordinate term applicable to it. For example, spoon is a hyponym of cutlery.

    Contrasted with hypernym

    ‘As we saw in Chapter 7, we can appeal to entailment in order to define the relation between a superordinate term and its hyponyms.’
    • ‘In many instances, there are abbreviations for the hyponym, but no abbreviation for the more general term.’
    • ‘Abbreviation hyponyms that have a plural form ending with ‘s’ can all be put into a single list.’
    • ‘I think it would also be very useful to incorporate a way to search based on hyper- and hyponyms (more and less generic versions of words).’
    • ‘More importantly, elf schot is clearly a hyponym of maladye - that is, its meaning must fall within the semantic range of maladye - so cannot denote a projectile.’