Meaning of hypostatic union in English:

hypostatic union


  • The combination of divine and human natures in the single person of Christ.

    ‘Third, in addition to this it is certain and manifest that there is something which results from and follows the hypostatic union of Christ's natures.’
    • ‘With great intellectual sophistication, he defended the hypostatic union of the two natures, human and divine, in Christ.’
    • ‘Whatever vein of speculation one chooses to mine, it is clear: his maleness is somehow a key to the hypostatic union.’
    • ‘He is speaking, to put it bluntly, as if he lacked a proper account of the hypostatic union.’
    • ‘The Totality of Real Presence therefore means not just the body and blood but the divinity and soul of Jesus, by virtue of hypostatic union.’