Meaning of hysteresis in English:


Pronunciation /ˌhɪstəˈriːsɪs/


mass nounPhysics
  • The phenomenon in which the value of a physical property lags behind changes in the effect causing it, as for instance when magnetic induction lags behind the magnetizing force.

    ‘This tendency to ‘remember their magnetic history’ is called hysteresis.’
    • ‘A hysteresis in the force curves measured on approach and separation is observed.’
    • ‘A noncontact, no-wear design eliminates hysteresis and friction for reliability and repeatability.’
    • ‘A large degree of hysteresis upon indenter retraction was observed.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the thermal hysteresis is additive to the colligative effect.’


Late 19th century from Greek husterēsis ‘shortcoming, deficiency’, from husterein ‘be behind’, from husteros ‘late’.