Meaning of I'm a Dutchman in English:

I'm a Dutchman

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  • Used to express one's disbelief or as a way of underlining an emphatic assertion.

    ‘if she's seventeen, I'm a Dutchman’
    • ‘If that's not an incentive to get involved, I'm a Dutchman.’
    • ‘If this is a parallel to the rise of Nazism, then I'm a Dutchman.’
    • ‘If this piece could possibly be viewed as a celebration, I'm a Dutchman.’
    • ‘Most had expected that Kildare would come through the other semi-final but instead it was Leitrim who prevailed, and if a Waterford / Leitrim All-Ireland football final isn't what sporting fairytales are made of then I'm a Dutchman.’