Meaning of I-beam in English:



  • A girder which has the shape of an I when viewed in section.

    ‘According to Clements, all of the inn's metal I-beams were either sold on-site or recovered for later use.’
    • ‘The erection crew rented a 365-ton crane used to hoist the truss and steel I-beams into place.’
    • ‘Using salvage steel from the towers, the agency will simulate the force created by the airliner striking the building to see how the I-beams behaved.’
    • ‘It is usually done with clips that extend out from the flange of the I-beam into the brick coursing.’
    • ‘The contractor couldn't believe it when I didn't want to cover wood beams or iron I-beams.’
    • ‘Three tubes branch from a cantilevered I-beam like an acrobat on a high wire to support the roof at the west corner.’
    • ‘The upright panels acknowledged the white I-beams, which participated in all but the most oblique view of the mural.’
    • ‘First came the excitement of the snaking I-beams and a hint of the shape to come.’
    • ‘An I-beam is the most structurally efficient section for a MacPherson strut suspension arrangement.’
    • ‘Every day, nursing home patients are tortured by caretakers and construction workers topple off I-beams.’
    • ‘Sparks fly and steam rises when the bars hit rollers that squeeze the metal into I-beams and rails.’
    • ‘The load was a metal I-beam that weighed 8,000 pounds.’
    • ‘It consists of a pair of C-section pieces welded back-to-back at their perimeter to produce an I-beam cross-section.’
    • ‘Next, he beefed up the combine's frame with 6-inch I-beams placed under the existing framework.’
    • ‘Under the plan, the leftover metal could end up in baby strollers, bikes, frying pans, engine blocks, and I-beams.’
    • ‘But last fall I had to slice some 6-inch I-beams at a salvage yard and yearned for more power.’
    • ‘It has these enormously heavy and large I-beams that structure it.’
    • ‘On instinct, Kevin hurtled over fallen rocks and I-beams in the monastery main hall until he was at Phoenix's side.’
    • ‘Gawde's butterfly, perched on an I-beam, hovers between self and world.’
    • ‘Looking up, he spotted a steel I-beam hanging just below street level.’