Meaning of I beg your pardon in English:

I beg your pardon


(also pardon me)
  • 1Used to express polite apology.

    ‘I beg your pardon for intruding’
    • ‘We don't know precisely what happened - pardon me - OK, my apology.’
    • ‘In need of emotional support, Aidan clung to Ellen's hand and carefully maneuvered through the sea of tables, saying, ‘Excuse me, pardon me,’ left and right.’
    • ‘‘Oops, pardon me,’ she excused herself from a conversation with Michael and Mr. Fincher and stepped outside the door.’
    • ‘It was stupid, I have no excuse, and I beg your pardon.’
    • ‘He basically offers surety, your Honour - I am sorry, Cummins - I beg your pardon, your Honour, I am thinking ahead.’
    • ‘Right, I thought it was magnifying, I beg your pardon, I am sorry.’
    • ‘I am sorry, I beg your pardon - it is not referred to in the prospectus.’
    • ‘I beg your pardon Sir, please excuse me.’
    • ‘Oh, pardon me, I'm not too coordinated, I'm afraid.’
    • ‘And that's exactly the fish we can expect to catch with our thoroughly feminine lure - pardon me, madam.’
    what did you say, what, eh, I beg your pardon, beg pardon, sorry, excuse me, say again
    1. 1.1Used to indicate that one has not heard or understood something.
      ‘I beg your pardon—I'm afraid I didn't catch that’
      • ‘Now, the three of them are Pakistani or four of them are Pakistani, or of Pakistani descent, pardon me?’
    2. 1.2Used to express one's anger or indignation at what someone has just said.
      • ‘‘I beg your pardon!’ Beecham snapped’