Meaning of I dare say in English:

I dare say

(also I daresay)

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  • Used to indicate that one believes something is probable.

    ‘I dare say you've heard about her’
    • ‘It's a lot of money, but I daresay a lot is expected of him.’
    • ‘Chopin ‘saddens’ the original theme in a manner which is, I daresay, objectively verifiable: the minor key descent is right there on the page.’
    • ‘For me, the culprit is not really important, although I daresay a lot of Americans feel very differently.’
    • ‘This must have been a very distressing for all his family but I daresay they got used to it.’
    • ‘The opening percussions were over-eager-almost, I dare say, off time.’
    • ‘I reckon that I need it although it is well over a month since we last visited the French estate and I dare say that it will be overrun with weeds, rodents and exciting new forms of insect life!’
    • ‘They are older than the Pyramids, arguably even more important in the history of civilisation, and, may I dare say, more impressive.’
    I assume, I expect, I believe, I presume, I take it, I suppose, I imagine, I dare say, I would have thought, it is to be presumed, I guess, in all probability, probably, in all likelihood, all things being equal, all things considered, as like as not, as likely as not, doubtless, undoubtedly, no doubt, without doubt