Meaning of I mean in English:

I mean


  • Used to explain or correct a statement.

    ‘I mean, it's not as if I owned property’
    • ‘By today, I mean the date at the bottom of the page, not the day I'm writing this, or whenever you may be reading it.’
    • ‘She had four children, so I mean obviously four times she did have some kind of bodily intimacy.’
    • ‘I saw this in a full theatre and when the unloaded gun is fired, everybody and I mean everybody moaned.’
    • ‘She's gonna be mad when she finds out, I mean how long have you known and not told her?’
    • ‘I never really had a childhood, I mean, lots of stuff happened to me when I was younger.’
    • ‘So you can imagine how I can hardly wait for school to start, I mean, I get to escape the craziness at home anyway.’
    • ‘It's the least you can do for her, I mean, she let us in her house in the middle of the night.’
    • ‘I had to do something, I mean, I didn't want him to not have fun because of me.’
    • ‘That, I mean, that is one of the most fundamental misunderstandings of what we're proposing.’
    • ‘See how the other plays so happily with the handler, she, the handler I mean, acts so friendly and kind to them.’