Meaning of I suppose so in English:

I suppose so


  • Used to express hesitant agreement.

    ‘‘You see I have to do this?’ ‘I suppose so.’’
    • ‘‘Um, I suppose so,’ he answers, a bit uncertain.’
    • ‘‘I'd never really thought about it that way,’ said Brother Daniel, ‘but I suppose so, yes.’’
    • ‘Um, I suppose so, though I haven't made any plans.’
    • ‘Yes, yes, I suppose so and people could have asked that.’
    • ‘Well, I suppose so, but sometimes it's okay to let the veneer crack.’
    • ‘Well, I suppose so, but one gets accustomed to it.’
    • ‘Well, if you want to think of it that way, I suppose so, but never entirely.’
    • ‘‘Well, I suppose so,’ she affirmed uncertainly.’
    • ‘‘Well, yeah, I suppose so,’ she agreed resentfully.’
    • ‘Jon did not see any suspicion in this question, so he replied calmly, ‘Yes, I suppose so.’’