Meaning of I told you so in English:

I told you so


(also I told you)
  • Used to point out that one's warnings, although ignored, have been proved to be well founded.

    ‘If you are against the war, you look at those images and say, ‘See, I told you so.’’
    • ‘I hate to say ‘I told you so yet again,’ but, I told you so.’
    • ‘No matter how constructive or well meant, this week's people aren't interested in criticism, so don't say I told you so - even if you did.’
    • ‘No, I've got nothing to say, except I told you so.’
    • ‘I hate to be the one to come back later on and say I told you so.’
    • ‘I was somewhat reluctant to say I told you so, but there you have it.’
    • ‘‘It wouldn't give me any pleasure in the event of an accident to say I told you so to the county council,’ he said.’
    • ‘In a few years' time, we will be saying I told you so.’
    • ‘I feel bad for the guy and his family and really shouldn't say I told you so, but these guys need to get better advice!’
    • ‘Even when I made mistakes, many of which he predicted, he never once said, I told you so.’