Meaning of ibid. in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪbɪd/

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(also ib.)
  • In the same source (used to save space in textual references to a quoted work which has been mentioned in a previous reference)

    ‘(ibid. p. 57)’
    • ‘For post-mortems on both Omaha fairs, see ibid., October 30, 1899, p.8, and November 1, 1899, p.1.’
    • ‘See also Geoffrey Cornelius on ‘Horary Revived’ in The Moment of Astrology, ibid., Arkana p.173 and p.297; Wessex p.161.’
    • ‘For the importance of separating passion from concepts, see ibid., II.4, 15, 17, 71-4, 78.’
    • ‘For more details on trade and shipping in this period see PP, c, and ibid., xcv.’
    • ‘The onus is on the taxpayer to show that the property was acquired as trading stock: ibid. at 199.’


Abbreviation of Latin ibidem ‘in the same place’.