Meaning of ICAC in English:



  • Independent Commission Against Corruption, a body established by the New South Wales Government in 1989 to investigate and expose corrupt conduct in public administration.

    ‘the evidence will then be used in a prosecution conducted by the ICAC itself’
    • ‘He later handed the ICAC additional files saying he "had nothing to hide".’
    • ‘The ICAC has also released a report that said the system for collecting hospital stats was virtually a cover up waiting to happen.’
    • ‘The ICAC commissioner made several recommendations to the Upper House.’
    • ‘He is due before the ICAC inquiry this afternoon.’
    • ‘They were advised to take their case to ICAC.’
    • ‘The ICAC was looking at around 50 allegations of misconduct within the the city's Health Service.’
    • ‘Such a precedent has never been set and the powers of the ICAC in this regard are unclear and untested.’
    • ‘His defence before the ICAC had been that he did not understand the determinations governing the country members allowance.’
    • ‘The High Court judge said that, to seek a search warrant, the ICAC had to prove relevant materials held by journalists involved would have been destroyed.’
    • ‘He is still under investigation by ICAC and NSW Police for the way in which he dealt with the whistle blowing nurses.’