Meaning of ice sheet in English:

ice sheet


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  • A layer of ice covering an extensive tract of land for a long period of time.

    ‘Several scientists have proposed that the southern part of the Greenland ice sheet disappeared during the period of maximum interglacial warmth.’
    • ‘Younger cited evidence for extensive ground freezing in SE England during the Devensian, beyond the limit of the Devensian ice sheet.’
    • ‘Later, as the permafrost melted and the ice sheet warmed as a result of climatic amelioration, the ice would have become wetbased.’
    • ‘We consider climate and sea level as the two most likely mechanisms for early deglaciation of the British-Irish ice sheet.’
    • ‘The results present estimates of the thermal, hydrological and mechanical effects of a regional ice sheet, determined from a simplified ice-sheet model.’