Meaning of ice show in English:

ice show



  • An entertainment performed by ice skaters.

    ‘The theatre's stage has been transformed into an ice rink for the spectacular ice show Sleeping Beauty, which features Olympic skating stars from Russia.’
    • ‘It's more like an Austin Powers review, or an ice show spectacular - just a framework for comedy bits and musical numbers.’
    • ‘If the show's producers have any sense, they'll be booking a tribute to Stevie Wonder next: surely the only artists who'd approve this sort of thing would be those who've never actually seen an ice show.’
    • ‘An ice show is something that isn't that common around here so when it comes, people of all ages are clamouring to see it.’
    • ‘You got to admit, the characters are already in Vegas, I'm sure they're charting out the ice show.’
    • ‘Bates also hopes to become a skater in an ice show, then go on to become a choreographer.’
    • ‘There are things he is doing now that he would never have done before like appearing in the ice show at the Link Centre.’
    • ‘An extravaganza not to be missed, the ice show appeals to everybody.’
    • ‘Often, professional skaters work the national ice show circuit to maintain their skills and earn extra money.’
    • ‘She heads a cast of 23 former champion skaters in what will be the Churchill Theatre's first ever ice show.’
    • ‘When I saw the audience, the families and all the excited kids, I knew whatever it took, we would team up together and give this rural crowd their much anticipated ice show.’
    • ‘Cousins is here to introduce the festivities and promote Scotland's first outdoor ice show, Woosh! which he has created and will compère on December 19.’
    • ‘It clearly positions Ice Sheffield as a premier venue for hosting ice sports, ice shows and family entertainment events.’
    • ‘Do you ever go back to look at other skaters' work for inspiration, such as skaters like John Curry, Belita, or even older productions of ice shows, ballets?’
    • ‘They infiltrated the scary netherworlds of beauty pageants, fashion shoots and ice shows.’
    • ‘‘I want to teach and I would also love to do ice shows,’ Pippa stated.’
    • ‘Originally built in 1927 for ice shows and horse events, the Mercer Arena in Seattle, Washington was an unlikely candidate to host the North American debut of Peter Brook's Hamlet from April 6th to the 19th.’
    • ‘Sonja Henie was an Olympic and World figure skating champion, movie star, and pioneer of ice shows.’
    • ‘Where audiences for sports events or ice shows were in the habit of arriving on time for the performance, movie audiences wandered in at any time where previews, short subjects, and double bills were in continuous run.’
    • ‘More than 850 sick kids from a local children's hospital took advantage of tickets to his suite at the team's arena; they attended hockey games, circuses and ice shows.’