Meaning of icefish in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌɪsfɪʃ/

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nounplural noun icefish, plural noun icefishes

  • 1A scaleless Antarctic fish of pallid appearance with spiny gill covers and a snout shaped like a duck's bill.

    Chaenocephalus aceratus, family Chaenichthyidae

    ‘Changes to certain residues in ß-tubulin have been suggested to confer cold stability on the MTs of Antarctic icefishes.’
    • ‘How do Anarctic icefish survive in freezing water?’
  • 2

    another term for capelin

    ‘Below the ocean surface lies an even greater diversity of life, replete with corals, sponges and barnacles, as well as icefish and toothfish.’
    • ‘I lobbed an unweighted icefish with an awkward flip of the heavy boat rod.’
    • ‘He finds Simon standing alone by the rack of aquariums, tending their captives - the Antarctic limpets, and a lone, prize icefish.’
    • ‘Hb is present in all vertebrates investigated so far, with the exception of some icefish species.’


(also ice-fish)
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  • Fish through holes in the ice on a frozen lake or river.

    ‘ice-fish for perch’
    • ‘I went ice-fishing and ate a reindeer for dinner.’
    • ‘He told me that when he was working with the couriers, the Inuit taught him how to ice-fish.’
    • ‘Polar Circle will arrange a non-diving day and take you round the local villages, teach you to ice-fish, take you skiing or on snowmobile trips.’
    • ‘In winter they're out cross-country skiing or ice-fishing.’
    • ‘We went ice fishing and Mrs. Rocket caught one of the all-time lunkers, only it turned out to be a long-lost fishing rod.’
    • ‘‘They did ice fishing, according to Inuit and Naskapi methods, and they learned from each other,’ Lamoureux said.’
    • ‘The team enjoyed themselves ice-sailing and when conditions were not suitable for sailing they partook in hunting and ice fishing’
    • ‘My dad would go ice fishing all winter - basically take a 3-month vacation.’
    • ‘Matt thought up the idea while ice fishing with his father.’
    • ‘It was two winters ago when we had decided to do some ice fishing.’
    • ‘A local resident discovered his body early this morning when he arrived to go ice fishing with Swoboda.’
    • ‘A blonde went ice fishing and headed to the nearest frozen pond.’
    • ‘One winter day, while ice fishing, Birdseye piled his catch beside his fishing hole.’