Meaning of icehouse in English:



  • A building for storing ice, typically one situated partly or wholly underground.

    • ‘Instead, his dull eyes flicked disinterestedly from ice house to ice house, noting the plume of smoke drifting from each.’
    • ‘We are on the main line sitting in sight of the old ice house.’
    • ‘Commerce, starting with an ice house, creamery and blacksmith shop, expanded to auto dealers, retail stores, and shopping centers.’
    • ‘He could afford to spend only seven dollars for equipment: he got an electric fan, salt, and ice - and borrowed the corner of an ice house from a friend.’
    • ‘A sum of 1/6 was paid per horse cart or 9d per donkey cart for delivering the ice to the ice house from those pools.’
    • ‘We then load the blocks onto toboggans, haul them to the ice house, and stack and pack them with sawdust on all sides.’
    • ‘I had Becky bring me a glass of ice chunks from the ice house, which I would pop into my mouth and suck on.’
    • ‘He said the problem appeared to relate to a septic tank serving a number of premises in the area of the ice house and Judds Quay.’
    • ‘Nor was I the one who spent days shivering in an ice house because I couldn't suss out the central heating system.’
    • ‘Pass some lochans, looking out for an old ice house on your left, before the path rises in front of Flowerdale House.’
    • ‘Elliott hopes that the ice house will be preserved as some kind of heritage and tourist attraction.’
    • ‘Based in a former ice house, the Watson empire lies behind a nondescript glass door.’
    • ‘What's a little funky about this ice house is that it isn't meant for fishing.’
    • ‘They learnt how to keep it for quite a long time by building ice houses, with a dome, which looked like igloos.’
    • ‘In early March, Police Chief Gene Hill estimated between 5,000 and 6,000 ice houses were set up on nearby Lake Mille Lacs.’