Meaning of Iceni in English:


Pronunciation /ʌɪˈsiːnʌɪ/

plural noun

  • A tribe of ancient Britons inhabiting an area of south-eastern England in present-day Norfolk and Suffolk. Their queen, Boudicca, led an unsuccessful rebellion against the Romans in AD 60.

    ‘Boudicca was the queen of the Iceni, a Celtic tribe in Norfolk and Suffolk in eastern Britain.’
    • ‘Another Romanized town attacked by Boudicca and the Iceni was Verulamium.’
    • ‘He was the ruler of a British tribe called the Iceni, who had extensive territories in what is today East Anglia.’
    • ‘Mothers ready to defend their children to the death are a common stereotype, while any notion that women are Stepford soldiers, caring and compliant, was challenged way before Boudicca headed the Iceni.’
    • ‘Boadicea was an earlier British queen, who led the Celtic Iceni in a two-year uprising against the imperial Roman army after her daughters were raped and she herself was flogged by soldiers.’