Meaning of ichorous in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌɪk(ə)rəs/


See ichor

‘Abscesses may open and discharge bloody ichorous pus.’
  • ‘From the ulcer an ichorous fluid is discharged, and shreds of tissue slough off and are mixed with the changed and vitiated saliva.’
  • ‘In low conditions of abscess, when pus is thin, dark, ichorous, and offensive in character, Lachesis may be the remedy.’
  • ‘There were discharges of foul, offensive, ichorous pus from the ears.’
  • ‘Lastly, on his back, near the crupper, there is an orifice about three lines broad, and more than an inch deep, from which an ichorous humour, of a disagreeable smell, flows very copiously.’