Meaning of iciness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌɪsɪnəs/

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See icy

‘Those subsequent photographs captured Jack looking at his wife with an expression that seemed to show a mixture of pain and anger and, it has to be said, gulping trepidation at the iciness with which Bridget was speaking.’
  • ‘At best, the show plays out like a character study of two opposing personalities, one of whom wears the iciness of an assassin on his sleeve, while the other is a loveable goof.’
  • ‘In contrast, Donat's more conventional theatricality does not convey enough of the terrible iciness of Hirst's egotism.’
  • ‘In contrast to the uncluttered iciness of many newer places, it is cosy, relaxing and, well, romantic, with oil lamps on each table.’
  • ‘But at the same time there was a noticeable iciness toward journalists and writers on the part of many of his friends and students, who began to resent the intrusion of fame into the equation.’