Meaning of iconographer in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʌɪkəˈnɒɡrəfə/


See iconography

‘By the late mid-fifteenth century, the visual rhetoric of Western Catholicism could be said to reside firmly in the hands of private providers overseen by commissioning bishops and scholarly iconographers.’
  • ‘She lives as a hermit in a cottage outside the village where she carries out her work as an iconographer.’
  • ‘Few know that Edmonton is home to an iconographer with the talent of an old master.’
  • ‘From connoisseurs to iconographers to social historians, the quest for clarity within the shadowy realms of origins, meanings, contexts has long been of compulsive importance.’
  • ‘And her specially favoured animals, the deer, the tur or the wild goat, into whose form she sometimes changed herself, could be used by the Christian iconographers to represent Satan himself.’