Meaning of iconographically in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʌɪkənəˈɡrafɪk(ə)li/


See iconography

‘Everything sensual and earthy - the exquisite wall-garden, the flowering rose, the beauty of a woman - tilts upwards iconographically toward God.’
  • ‘In this they are unlike iconographically similar photographs by recognised photographers.’
  • ‘The subject matter of the easel paintings is either New York or Mexican scenes, a selection of which Anreus carefully analyzes formally and iconographically, pointing out their unique compositional qualities and grim content.’
  • ‘This exhibit of iconographically unrelated subjects aimed to highlight the formal similarities and differences between the individual figures and encouraged the aesthetic study and appreciation of the series as a whole.’
  • ‘Although iconographically it almost exactly resembles the Dancing Child Krishna from a private collection, this Sambandar gestures upward with his right hand, telling his father that Siva and Uma gave him his cup of milk.’