Meaning of iconolatry in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʌɪkəˈnɒlətri/


mass nounderogatory
  • The worship of icons.

    • ‘The essays in this collection identify and discuss several important points along these borders, paying particular attention to the issues of iconolatry, iconoclasm, obscenity, and the staging of judicial authority.’
    • ‘The author is quite serious when he calls Eastern veneration of icons ‘iconolatry.’’
    • ‘For Fairey, the intent of art is to deconstruct this iconolatry.’
    • ‘Israel's religion must be regarded as iconolatry even though it forbids images, since it insists on a personal, named God.’
    • ‘The natives so embraced the pageantry and the promise of the new faith; and centuries later, testament to that Christian hegemony is the ubiquity of an iconolatry, none as dispersed into the bowels of urban and rural religious life as the icon of the Santo Nino.’
    idol worship, idolatrism, fetishism, iconolatry, icon worship


Early 17th century from ecclesiastical Greek eikonolatreia, from eikōn ‘likeness’ + -latria ‘worship’.