Meaning of ICYMI in English:



  • In case you missed it (used to draw attention to something noteworthy)

    • ‘ICYMI, here's a link to Sunday's podcast’
    • ‘ICYMI, the two previous season 8 teasers (no new footage) are here.’
    • ‘ICYMI, here's Dalton Ross' interview covering the finale.’
    • ‘ICYMI, the summer series based on a Stephen King novel about a transparent force field that covers a small New England town recently got a premiere date.’
    • ‘It's being discussed in this FanShot, ICYMI.’
    • ‘The ads will start popping up in print publications and on outdoor ad spaces starting next week (and icymi, the S3 trailer is here).’
    • ‘Make sure to check out Ian's briefing from yesterday, ICYMI.’
    • ‘ICYMI: Our photographer took a behind-the-scenes tour of the new $295M medical center in S. Waterfront.’