Main meanings of ide in English

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Pronunciation /ʌɪd/

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another term for orfe
‘There are also chub, ide, rudd, grass carp, cat fish, tench and specimen carp on site in the various waters.’
  • ‘Nature has pre-stocked this cosy spot with salmon, sea trout, bream, roach, ide, crucians…… and pike.’
  • ‘Unfortunately, carp did not show such enthusiasm and it was left to the ide, chub and orfe to provide the bulk of some respectable hauls.’
  • ‘It is very much a mixed fishery holding; common, mirror, grass and crucian carp with roach, rudd, chub, dace, perch, bream, tench and ide.’
  • ‘It is to be stocked with carp, bream, tench and ide, the carp total being twice the amount of any other species.’


Mid 19th century from modern Latin idus, from Swedish id.

Main meanings of IDE in English

: ide1IDE2


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  • Integrated Drive Electronics, a standard for interfacing computers and their peripherals.