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  • 1as sentence adverb Preferably; in an ideal world.

    ‘ideally, you should exercise for 30 minutes every day’
    • ‘The Rams would like him on the field a lot more, ideally about two-thirds of the time.’
    • ‘A good bat correctly knocked in ideally would last about 1000 runs including net use.’
    • ‘Such grants should, ideally, contribute an overhead to the university.’
    • ‘To minimise error, ideally no more than four numbers should be used in a code.’
    • ‘The altar should ideally be placed outside, where a charcoal brazier can be safely lit.’
    • ‘Ideally, he would like to have a brokered convention.’
    • ‘Ideally, the tree should be able to stand up by itself without staking.’
    • ‘That is why ideally salt trucks go out at the beginning of a storm.’
    • ‘All students remain in the assigned group for the entire course and ideally team learning will ensue.’
    • ‘It starts with the personal and, as the work develops, ideally it moves to the universal.’
    • ‘Greeting cards, ideally made by the children, offer Hindu art and wisdom, such as verses from the Vedas.’
    • ‘Ideally, they would like Smith to respond to the challenge and seize the starting role.’
    • ‘Ideally the concepts and materials should be introduced and promoted by tutors.’
    • ‘Ideally bring the bales to their site of storage and wrap them there.’
    • ‘Students will ideally enjoy living with a host family, but dormitory arrangements will also be an option.’
    • ‘Groups will be matched pairwise ideally on severity of learning disability/intelligence level, age and gender.’
    • ‘The new millennium begins with the launch of a new orbiter and a lander, ideally with a rover payload.’
    • ‘Put the chicken in the marinade, stir to coat, cover with film and put in the fridge for a few hours, ideally overnight.’
    • ‘Which bands would she ideally like to work with?’
    • ‘Ideally this will generate a leadership ethic that fosters entrepreneurial decision making.’
    in a perfect world, in a utopia
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  • 2as submodifier In the best possible way; perfectly.

    ‘her experience makes her ideally suited to the job’
    • ‘Sampras is a powerful predator whose game is ideally suited to grass.’
    • ‘Wood gained four points from a snooker on the last red which left him ideally positioned for a clearance.’
    • ‘Any 49-key keyboard is not ideally suited for playing piano music.’
    • ‘In many ways, Hull was ideally suited to write the definitive history of German espionage in neutral Ireland.’
    • ‘Newport is ideally placed to service the requirements of the automotive industry.’
    • ‘And they were ideally complemented by the tasty dips which transformed many of the less moist tapas into mouth-watering treats.’
    • ‘Come along and see all the local boxers in action in a venue that is ideally suited for a boxing tournament.’
    • ‘The candle stands came in various patterns and price tags that ideally matched one's requirements and pocket.’
    • ‘Good hospitals will be able to pay for better quality consultants who will be ideally positioned.’
    • ‘As the Gordons, John Davidson and Morgan Fairchild, both TV veterans, are ideally matched.’
    • ‘The New Zealand Journal of Psychology is ideally positioned to publish psychological research which has relevance and implications for our society.’
    • ‘This procedure is ideally suited for individuals who are young and small stature.’
    • ‘That is, we are ideally interested in measuring the presence and effects of racial discrimination at multiple points in a dynamic process.’
    • ‘Since surnames are also usually passed from father to son, the Y-DNA test is ideally suited for single surname studies.’
    • ‘We are ideally positioned to push forward the barriers of this area of nanotechnology.’
    • ‘An ideally optimized title should contain the top 3-5 keywords of your business, e.g. outsourcing consultants, outsourcing india, outsource india’
    • ‘We call this "distributed virtual instrumentation" and our technologies and platform ideally position us to leverage Internet and Web technologies.’
    • ‘The distance between culture and nature is ideally suited for ironic commentary.’
    • ‘I asked Bull whether the company ideally needed a director/choreographer.’
    • ‘Gatwick is conveniently situated a mere 35 minutes from Brighton, making it ideally placed for anyone staying on the south coast.’



/ʌɪˈdɪəl(l)i/ /ʌɪˈdiːəl(l)i/