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identity card

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  • A card carrying the holder's photograph, name, date of birth, and other personal details, serving as official proof of their identity.

    ‘I do not understand the opposition to a national identity card.’
    • ‘One of the biggest growth areas for tech companies has been in new identity cards.’
    • ‘The only accepted forms of ID are a valid passport, driving licence, international student identity card or national identity card - all with photo.’
    • ‘Already European arrest warrants are on the agenda, with a DNA bank and the possibility of identity cards to follow.’
    • ‘The chips can be incorporated into passports and identity cards.’
    • ‘Visitors are required to complete long questionnaires before being issued with an identity card.’
    • ‘Indeed, anyone who has thought about it knows that identity cards alone are not even useful in proving someone's identity.’
    • ‘The increasing security consciousness of firms and their desire to issue staff with identity cards has helped to fuel this growth.’
    • ‘Driving licences and identity cards can be forged.’
    • ‘Publicans have said they are finding it increasingly difficult to judge the age of customers, and have called for a mandatory identity card to combat under-age drinking.’
    • ‘How long will it be before there will be a compulsory EU identity card?’
    • ‘Now I'll just have to show my identity card - so I should be through in a few minutes.’
    • ‘Any national identity card introduced in the UK will have to meet new international standards for biometrics.’
    • ‘There has been lots of discussion of the potential costs of identity cards, much of it based on misinformation and misunderstanding.’
    • ‘Then, 55 per cent of respondents said they were in favour of identity cards, and 43 per cent opposed them.’
    • ‘How useful the identity card is for criminal and security matters is however not at all clear.’
    • ‘If there are any men with you, their identity cards will be checked.’
    • ‘Anybody who is bent upon committing a crime will simply produce a fake identity card or a passport.’
    • ‘They both produced passports, identity cards, pay slips and birth certificates to prove their claim.’
    • ‘He told victims he was a policeman and briefly showed them an identity card that seemed to confirm it.’