Meaning of if need be in English:

if need be

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  • If necessary.

    ‘I'll work from morning till night if need be’
    • ‘The room is quite large, it happens to be fitted for at least two girls to spend the night in if need be.’
    • ‘The place is accessible from the Intracoastal, so they can move in and out during the night if need be.’
    • ‘Stake out the village at night with infra-red cameras and the SAS if need be.’
    • ‘So it's a fairly long process, and, if need be, they can actually get extensions of time.’
    • ‘Be brutally honest, if need be, and let them know that there is a chance that their best may not be good enough to take them to the top of the tree.’
    • ‘Such miscreants should be fined heavily and if need be even imprisoned.’
    • ‘The recipe said to substitute mozzarella if need be, and I think that's what I'll do next time.’
    • ‘Liverpool City Council have fitted a series of kiosks throughout the city to allow people to interact with them quickly if need be.’
    • ‘I pointed him in the right direction and have offered to copy and send the files to him myself if need be.’
    • ‘I can do the usual stuff like cook, which I thoroughly enjoy, clean, iron and if need be, sew.’
    • ‘No right thinking person ever looks at spam, it is a modern scourge that should be eradicated, by violent means if need be.’
    • ‘The other major powers are keen for the EU to press ahead with the Kyoto protocol without the US if need be.’
    • ‘The course doesn't start until May, so there's still time to chicken out, if need be.’
    • ‘Services of such experts can be requisitioned from the government of India, if need be.’
    • ‘Pass a law if need be, so that the government cannot use the money in their general budgeting.’
    • ‘He added that, if need be, fire crews should be able to cut through a rope.’
    • ‘We already sell a lot of vegetable-based dishes so it wouldn't be a problem to introduce more if need be.’
    • ‘This scarifies the hard coating on the outside which protects them for years if need be.’
    • ‘You must take action, drastic action if need be, to remove as much of the stress from your life as possible.’
    • ‘Hecklers can be removed, if need be, for the relatively minor offence of being disorderly.’
    if necessary, with difficulty, in case of necessity, if need be, in an emergency, just possibly