Meaning of if you ask me in English:

if you ask me


  • Used to emphasize that a statement is one's personal opinion.

    • ‘if you ask me, it's just an excuse for laziness’
    • ‘I dunno, they sound like reasonable people to cast if you ask me.’
    • ‘She's lovely in person, but her speeches are a bit boring if you ask me.’
    • ‘It's already happening, if you ask me, right now, with this example.’
    • ‘These evasive tactics have saved many a relationship for the last many years, but now things have gone out of hand if you ask me.’
    • ‘Now I don't want to go off on a rant here, but if you ask me, this proposal doesn't go far enough.’
    • ‘In jest or not, this is not particularly sporting if you ask me.’
    • ‘Anyone who thinks they're unreasonable is being unreasonable themselves, if you ask me.’
    • ‘The river has been coming back up all week - much nicer that way, if you ask me.’
    • ‘Now there is a bit of freedom when wearing boxers, too much if you ask me!’
    • ‘I'm not jumping to conclusions, but this looks suspicious if you ask me.’
    • ‘All in all, the book has a cartoony quality to it, but that's to be expected and encouraged, if you ask me.’
    • ‘Fair enough, a bit overkill if you ask me, but you can see the logic.’
    • ‘We've done very well without them for hundreds of years, if you ask me.’
    • ‘There's a few more jockeys that need waking up at dawn if you ask me.’
    • ‘That is a pretty ugly vehicle if you ask me, but I like the musical score for that advertisement.’
    • ‘It seems like a shifty way to completely screw your computer up if you ask me.’
    • ‘I still feel we were robbed, but what can you do - it's all politics if you ask me.’
    • ‘The post only got a couple of comments, but let me tell you, the girl looked pretty fine if you ask me.’
    • ‘It's not so much the money that causes stress, if you ask me, it's the things we do to get it.’
    • ‘Any sport where you bleed as a matter of course is a bit silly, if you ask me.’
    for my part, for my own part, for myself, according to my way of thinking, to my mind, in my estimation, as far as I am concerned, in my opinion, in my view, in my own opinion, in my own view, from my own point of view, from where I stand, from my standpoint, as I see it, if you ask me, for my money, in my book