Meaning of igloo in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪɡluː/

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  • A type of dome-shaped shelter built from blocks of solid snow, traditionally used by Inuits.

    as modifier ‘an igloo village’
    • ‘There could have been a set comprising of totems, carvings, teepees, long houses, or igloos.’
    • ‘One was a film about Eskimos building an igloo, which was pretty lousy, because there was a ponderous commentary which tried to tell you that Eskimos live in igloos.’
    • ‘Summer housing for many Inuit was a skin tent, while in the winter the igloo, or house made of snow, was common.’
    • ‘You don't want too much explosive in a single igloo; you want igloos separated by enough open land that an explosion in one will not set off a chain reaction.’
    • ‘Whenever we need something, Sandy has it - seasonings to spice up our freeze-dried meals, a snow saw for building igloos, binding parts and tools to repair nearly anything that breaks.’
    • ‘Played out in peat lodges and ceremonial igloos the Inuit games involved contorting bodies, jumping, kicking and various arm-pulling trials of strength.’
    • ‘Winter dwellings may have been built from stone blocks like the familiar igloos of more recent times.’
    • ‘Even with a small air pocket, the warmth of a victim's breath can seal the snow around his mouth much as perspiration seals the inside of an igloo or a snow cave.’
    • ‘And it's a deep still well, an igloo in the snow and a heretics' church.’
    • ‘Then he and his wife shovel snow from the igloo's entrance and wriggle inside.’
    • ‘Temporary snow houses were also used, though the legendary igloo was a structure used more by Canadian Inuit.’
    • ‘Consider the Inuit, otherwise known as Eskimos, sitting in their igloos or caribou hide tents.’
    • ‘The stereotypical Eskimo wears a fur parka and lives in an igloo.’
    • ‘In addition, unexpected storms have left hunting parties stranded, and harder packed snow due to recent wind changes makes it more difficult to build igloos for shelter.’
    • ‘Inuit igloos in the Arctic and felt-covered yurts on the Mongolian steppes, for example, have been used for centuries.’
    • ‘They learnt how to keep it for quite a long time by building ice houses, with a dome, which looked like igloos.’
    • ‘We could not stop thinking of all the supplies on the other sled, warm caribou skins, a snow knife for making an igloo, fuel for the stove, and other survival gear.’
    • ‘Produced by an Inuit cast and crew, The Fast Runner pays close ethnographic attention to the daily details of Inuit life, from building an igloo to making a sealskin drum.’
    • ‘I think his dream home would have been an igloo in northern Nunavat.’
    • ‘One scene stands out in particular; it's a songfest held in an igloo where everyone is dressed-up in sparklingly clean white parkas and decked out in their best furs.’


Mid 19th century from Inuit iglu ‘house’.