Meaning of ileus in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪlɪəs/


mass noun or in singular
  • A painful obstruction of the ileum or other part of the intestine.

    ‘Gastric retention occurs in many gastric lesions besides outlet obstruction, like gastritis and gastric motor disturbances, and intestinal dilatation occurs in gastroenteritis and ileus, besides obstruction.’
    • ‘It may also represent an ileus related to peritonitis or reflex ileus from pain referred to the abdomen from a thoracic disease like pulmonary infarction, pneumonia, or myocardial infarction.’
    • ‘This case occurred in a 19-year-old man with small bowel ileus following Klebsiella pneumonia.’
    • ‘While most cases of meconium ileus are due to cystic fibrosis, only ten to twenty percent of patients with cystic fibrosis present with meconium ileus.’
    • ‘He was managed conservatively with dietary restriction, parenteral fluids and alimentation, and prokinetic agents, and his paralytic ileus resolved.’


Late 17th century from Latin, from Greek eileos, ilios ‘colic’, apparently from eilein ‘to roll’.