Meaning of ill-conceived in English:




  • Not carefully planned or considered.

    ‘ill-conceived schemes’
    • ‘Their motives are noble but their plan is ill-conceived.’
    • ‘They are always scrambling to get something finalized before their ill-conceived plans or public lies are exposed.’
    • ‘Part of that plan should be to freeze and review the ill-conceived plan the president put forth this week in Ohio.’
    • ‘It was Sunday morning already, and time to put his ill-conceived plans to work.’
    • ‘In a tiny nation which must endure often harsh relations with nature, the focus on one whale is seen as ill-conceived, at best silly.’
    • ‘The result is wild rhetoric and ill-conceived laws that interfere not just with gamers' fun but with an art form in its infancy.’
    • ‘This was his ‘big idea’ and it was a hopelessly ill-conceived and ludicrously expensive one.’
    • ‘This is perhaps the most pointless and ill-conceived magazine show that has ever had money thrown at it.’
    • ‘This ill-conceived scheme was not the result of deregulation but the deliberate choice of the state of California.’
    • ‘There are sound, practical grounds for arguing that such an approach would be ill-conceived, impractical and dangerous.’
    • ‘The plot to rob the Clutters' place was ill-conceived and absurd.’
    • ‘Well, letting him release an album of ill-conceived covers is a bad idea.’
    • ‘It seems to me that it is just more ill-conceived and bad legislation that will affect a large number of people.’
    • ‘The ill-conceived project provoked outrage among the communities of both clubs.’
    • ‘If there is a bureaucratic bias against the smaller regional theatres then it is both stupid and ill-conceived.’
    • ‘Certainly, their business plans, with their dependence on advertising, were ill-conceived.’
    • ‘He is clearly a fool for writing such an ill-conceived and prejudiced article, and the editors of the Express are even more stupid for being foolish enough to print it.’
    • ‘All of this proved to be at least as ineffectual, disruptive, and ill-conceived as the previous urban renewal regime.’
    • ‘Perhaps the county board officers should have laced on the boots, but sure as hell the players had no stomach for such an ill-conceived tournament.’
    • ‘He was far too hard headed and realistic to permit the needless throwing away of lives in the ill-conceived offensives that characterised the First World War.’
    absurd, preposterous, ridiculous, ludicrous, farcical, laughable, risible