Meaning of ill-dressed in English:



  • Wearing scruffy or unflattering clothes.

    ‘their children often appear dirty and ill-dressed’
    • ‘I've always believed that to show one's underwear is either vulgar, or a sign of being ill-dressed, or both.’
    • ‘"I saw an ill-dressed vagabond in the lane yesterday evening," said Mr. Holder.’
    • ‘Temping in New York City is a vile and loathsome act for any self-respecting, ill-dressed transplant to endure.’
    • ‘I looked at the rag-tag band of ill-dressed protesters squatting in a circle before me wondering where they would find food and shelter for the night.’
    • ‘In later years Garrick went to see Ryan in order to mock his ungraceful and ill-dressed figure in Richard III.’
    • ‘The newspaper selected unflattering photos to make her look chunky and ill-dressed, her mouth invariably curled in a strange rictus.’
    • ‘Lynette, who left a high-powered job to become a stay-at-home mother, is the only one who looks awful - exhausted, strung out, ill-dressed.’
    • ‘The tables are crowded with podgy, ill-dressed teenage friends ignoring one another to speak on mobile phones.’
    • ‘I can't imagine anything worse than being cooped up with a coach load of ill-dressed, loudly grousing idiots.’
    • ‘Humiliated, the ill-dressed one then makes her or his way into the city for one day of shopping alone and one day of shopping with the hosts, armed with a fist full of cash.’
    • ‘The women were of course ill-dressed and middle-aged.’
    • ‘When they finally do go out, Howard is ill-dressed, loud, and uncouth.’
    • ‘She had little time for the 'Tenby pomp' of church-going in the town, where she encountered a 'tawdry, ill-dressed assembly'.’
    • ‘They do not want the U.S. Navy or the United States associated with a collection of ill-dressed ragbags in oversized, sometimes-tattered and torn pants and sleeveless garments.’
    unfashionable, frumpish, frumpy, drab, dull, old-fashioned, outmoded, out of style, not smart, inelegant, badly dressed, ill-dressed, shabby, scruffy, faded, untidy, dingy, frowzy