Meaning of ill-lit in English:



  • Having dim or inadequate lighting.

    ‘a gloomy, ill-lit hallway’
    • ‘Jamie, 11, reluctantly doubles his journey time by taking buses instead of using an ill-lit passageway to get to the train platform.’
    • ‘He directs you down a signally ill-lit wide stone staircase, which is perhaps the most potentially perilous entrance to any London restaurant.’
    • ‘Anyway, in this damp, freezing, ill-lit hut there was a cupboard with one of the doors hanging off its hinges.’
    • ‘Running into a mad-dog chase at 60 km per hour at night on an ill-lit road is definitely dangerous.’
    • ‘House plants come into their own in winter and also bring life to entrance halls and landings, which are often cold, ill-lit and draughty.’
    • ‘As you wind your way down narrow stairs and venture into ill-lit corners, you find small sketches, forgotten works by a much-lauded master.’
    • ‘As for design - black is not the best colour to be seen, ill-lit and at a distance.’
    • ‘While wall paintings and perhaps stained glass introduced colour to otherwise gloomy, ill-lit interiors, furnishings were sparse.’
    • ‘For someone who spent the majority of her formative scientific years slaving away in aged, dingy, cramped and ill-lit conditions, the laboratories within were a marvel, and I was curious to get a closer look.’
    • ‘It was midnight when she left the rooftop to walk down the stairs, past her room, and along the ill-lit corridor to the massive wooden door that opened onto the courtyard.’
    • ‘There was an office behind the window, rather ill-lit and with only the more minimal sorts of office furniture.’