Meaning of ill-made in English:



  • Poorly constructed.

    ‘the dangers of ill-made cheap imports’
    • ‘Don Francisco was a young man of twenty-two, ugly and ill-made.’
    • ‘It lay over steep and often ill-made roads, two days' carriage journey from the nearest railway station, Eboli.’
    • ‘The toymakers of Birmingham had many tricks to deceive the inexpert eye of the purchaser, and palmed off as articles of price much ill-made, meretricious trash.’
    • ‘They had provided her with an ill-made artificial eye, of a wrong size and a bad colour, which gave a very unpleasant expression to her face.’
    • ‘Why don't mothers teach daughters that some clothes are ill-made instead of criticizing their bodies for being the wrong size and shape?’
    • ‘A tight or ill-made shoe not only destroys the shape of the foot, it produces corns and bunions.’
    • ‘They drove the slaves back into their ill-made huts around which the icy wind whistled forlornly.’
    • ‘These tools are clumsy and ill-made.’
    ill-conceived, ill-advised, ill-made, badly planned, badly thought-out, hare-brained, abortive