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  • Attended by bad omens.

    ‘ill-omened birds of prey’
    • ‘Why did Ella and I have to go to that ominous, ill-omened party on that fateful, fateful day?’
    • ‘During the tour visitors walk to an impressive overlook to peer into the ill-omened pools of bubbling, black, steaming liquid.’
    • ‘To quote The Master of Ballantrae: ‘Something speaks in my bosom; and so much it says plain - that this is an ill-omened journey.’’
    • ‘I once had a Danish friend, now dead, who told me that his ancestor had aimed the ill-omened cannon, and claimed that it was out of penance that he became a professor of classics in a Canadian university.’
    • ‘The good news, therefore, is that naturally unlucky people don't have to accept their apparently ill-omened fates.’
    • ‘Benny Lynch originated the stereotype of the ill-omened Scottish champion.’
    • ‘With this ill-omened report in his hand, Goering stepped out of the door of Hitler's salon.’
    • ‘I was reminded of Maxwell Smart's ill-omened Cone of Silence.’
    • ‘According to Sontag, cancer is often ‘felt to be obscene - in the original meaning of that word: ill-omened, abominable, and repugnant to the senses.’’
    • ‘I am not certain I could strike at any one of the ill-omened Wade family without partaking of your curse myself.’
    • ‘I could feel a maddening mixture of emotions percolating inside of me, and I had the distinct, ill-omened feeling that everything was going to rush to a boiling point tonight.’
    • ‘The psychic unease that Faulkner weaves into Quentin's obsession with the girl foreshadows an ill-omened conclusion.’
    • ‘The building narrative progresses through ill-omened and distorted imagery of horses ill in a hospital and gaping splits in reality.’
    • ‘So too the fiendish destruction of the public and private Hermes figures in Athens two years earlier, on the ill-omened eve of sailing of the Athenian armada for Sicily.’
    • ‘The ill-omened page of postmodern historicism has been definitively turned.’
    • ‘On the second day of October, her evil family gave to her two ill-omened crows.’
    • ‘The breathless void of the sea was wantonly rousted out, as an ill-omened wind hailed from the east.’
    • ‘I made him pose as my significant other at Penelope's party on that ill-omened day.’
    • ‘She broke the walls of His study, setting every ill-omened text of unclean lore alight.’
    • ‘His birthday was ill-omened, for it found him afflicted by influenza.’
    inauspicious, unfavourable, adverse, disadvantageous, unpropitious, uninviting, discouraging, disheartening, gloomy, bleak, black, portentous, foreboding, hopeless, ominous, creepy, baleful, doomed, jinxed, damned, cursed, ill-fated, ill-omened