Meaning of ill-organized in English:



(also British ill-organised)
  • Lacking structure or organization.

    ‘ill-organized government supporters’
    • ‘Papers are rejected because they are incomprehensible or ill-organized as often as because they don't have anything to say.’
    • ‘It was so ill-organized, out in the open air in a field.’
    • ‘The Indian army, however, landed in Srinagar before the ill-organized, assorted marchers could occupy its airport.’
    • ‘"It was ill-organized," says one consultant involved in the early exercise.’
    • ‘He successfully checked the advance of the enemy and their ill-organized force melted away as he advanced.’
    • ‘Given the state of the contending armies - ill-trained, ill-disciplined, ill-organized, ill-equipped - and the inexperience of the commanders, the generals probably did the best they could.’
    • ‘I have been beavering away at various other projects; slapping together code and design ideas in my own haphazard, ill-organized and only occasionally successful style.’
    • ‘Consumer representation is ill-organized and haphazard in several Member States.’
    • ‘Ill-organized and inadequately funded, the campaign clashed with the industry's open-shop policy and refusal to negotiate with unions.’
    • ‘I find the book's notions thought-provoking, but the arguments supporting them are ill-considered, ill-organized and ill-presented.’
    • ‘Summer found her in Brazil, taking the wheel of an Alfa Romeo Monza in the ill-organised Sao Paolo Grand Prix.’
    • ‘With effective filters and clear folders, I rarely confront spam or a glut of ill-organised messages.’
    • ‘The immediate relief work was ill-organised and inadequate.’
    • ‘York's enthusiasm led them to take a rather ill-organised quick penalty.’
    • ‘The first spark of what might have become a national conflagration was snuffed out as rifle fire routed a poorly-armed and ill-organised mob.’
    shapeless, amorphous, unformed, unshaped