Meaning of ill-smelling in English:



  • Having an unpleasant smell.

    ‘ill-smelling foreign cheeses’
    • ‘At last he found one of those ill-smelling beetles, with its head stuck way down in the midst of the roots.’
    • ‘The place was filled with an ill-smelling haze from the deep-fat friers in the back kitchen.’
    • ‘Nietzsche, who had proposed marriage before turning against her, lashed out in a letter to call her "a dried-up, dirty, ill-smelling monkey".’
    • ‘Most of the workers lived in large, ill-smelling brick tenements, and these dwellings were badly overcrowded.’
    • ‘A survey of postwar housing conditions determined that families were crowded together in dark, ill-smelling apartments, and were unable to find better quarters.’
    • ‘I'm a smoker myself, and tired of all the other flaws of character besides the love of tobacco we are supposed to be in possession of (we are inconsiderate, ill-smelling etc.).’
    • ‘The door of the stable swung invitingly open, but it was a dark, musty, ill-smelling place.’
    • ‘So that householders may be warned of escaping gas, ill-smelling or acrid chemicals are injected into the pipes in some sections of the country.’
    • ‘When walking around the crater I was at times totally enveloped in smoke and other ill-smelling gaseous mixtures.’
    offensive, unpleasant, nasty, disagreeable, revolting, sickening, obnoxious, noxious