Meaning of ill-thought-out in English:



  • Not carefully considered and planned.

    ‘a hasty and ill-thought-out campaign’
    • ‘At the same time he defended the industry against ill-thought-out government regulation.’
    • ‘To borrow expensively to fund ill-thought-out acquisitions is, for example, likely to erode shareholder value.’
    • ‘Over the past several years, those in the fisheries have struggled to stay afloat in the face of ill-thought-out government policies.’
    • ‘Centuries of tradition are being flushed down the pan by a piece of hasty and ill-thought-out legislation, say the opponents.’
    • ‘Staff and students work very hard to improve standards and throw-away comments based on ignorance and ill-thought-out remarks damage progress in state education.’
    • ‘He said the problem had been "exacerbated by certain ill-thought-out statements" better made in private than in public.’
    • ‘Stop this ill-thought-out scheme now and use pilot schemes to find out what works best for the residents of York.’
    • ‘For so many people to venture out on a cold winter's night shows the anger that residents feel about this ill-thought-out proposal.’
    • ‘He went through periods of despair over his illness when he was capable of irrational, ill-thought-out, impulsive acts which he then regretted.’