Meaning of ill repute in English:

ill repute


mass noun dated
  • The state of being held in low esteem by the public; disrepute.

    ‘women of ill repute’
    • ‘Rhee surrounded himself with advisors of ill repute.’
    • ‘Down one alleyway, you can see the old crib district, where women of ill repute plied their trade.’
    • ‘The murder of a young man of ill repute shocked the citizens out of their lethargic slumber.’
    • ‘In 1967 he hung out in a local park with friends and persons of ill repute.’
    • ‘You bring ill repute to the game.’
    • ‘The recent activities of the extremists and the failure of the political parties to unite against these threats have earned the country ill repute.’
    • ‘How did the park fall into ill repute in such a short time?’
    • ‘He has dragged chess into ill repute.’
    • ‘If the London newspapers can not identify her, then she is, no doubt, from some lowly family of ill repute.’
    disgust, abhorrence, repugnance, revulsion, repulsion, loathing, detestation, hatred, hate, execration, obloquy, dislike, disapproval, disapprobation, distaste, disfavour, aversion, antipathy, animosity, animus, enmity, hostility, contempt, censure, condemnation