Meaning of illusive in English:


Pronunciation /ɪˈl(j)uːsɪv/


mainly literary
  • Deceptive; illusory.

    ‘an illusive haven’
    • ‘At this dream workshop in Pennsylvania, people learn how to remember, even influence those illusive nightly visions.’
    • ‘The Quebec circus troupe's touring Alegría, which has come to play in Calgary this month, is guaranteed to put you in a child-like state of awe and wonder at its physical feats and illusive imagery.’
    unreal, non-existent, fictional, fictitious, pretend, make-believe, mythical, mythological, legendary, storybook, fanciful, fantastic


Early 17th century from medieval Latin illusivus, from Latin illus- ‘mocked’, from the verb illudere (see illusion).