Meaning of Ilonggo in English:


Pronunciation /ɪˈlɒŋɡəʊ/


another term for Hiligaynon
‘Present-day Ilonggo are one result of tribal intermixing.’
  • ‘We tried Ilonggo rap songs, gathering beats and ask for the help of a friend who is also a producer.’
  • ‘It provides a living reminders to the Ilonggos of their heritage, their cultural and spiritual roots.’
  • ‘After all, an Ilonggo party without the sound of those little tiles being shuffled is no party at all.’
  • ‘Possessing the resilience and determination of their forebears, the Ilonggos slowly regained their foothold.’
  • ‘The Ilonggo always finds an occasion to show his material affluence and his famous brand of hospitality.’
  • ‘In this parade, the usually conservative Ilonggos paint their bodies, wear warrior costumes with shields and ‘native weapons’, and become uninhibited in expressing their joy.’
  • ‘As the President approached the Jalandoni Bridge which she inaugurated earlier today, the Ilonggos waved banners and placards conveying their continuing support for the Chief Executive.’
  • ‘The history, industries, natural resources, cultural values and traditions of rural and urban families, and acceptable management styles used by Ilonggo people are all described in simple terms.’


Alocal name.