Meaning of image-maker in English:



  • A person employed to identify and create a favourable public image for a person, organization, or product.

    ‘And in an era of public personalities crafted by image-makers, she was real: down-to-earth, plain-spoken, funny.’
    • ‘The image-makers who have created the modern political convention instinctively hate spontaneity, conflict and any other human element that they cannot control.’
    • ‘The telephone is a potent image-maker for retailers.’
    • ‘If the fashion image is becoming a role model for image-makers of all kinds, it's because of the incredible freedom it manifests, breaking existing barriers creating friction between genres.’
    • ‘Why should designers and image-makers shaped by the same forces feel and act any differently?’
    • ‘It seems the time has come for political image-makers to consider ways to recast their own public image.’
    • ‘These jet-borne entrepreneurs plying their ruthless trade have become our canonical image-makers.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the electorate generally shies away from detail - we're all too busy for that - and the image-makers would certainly want to keep their candidates far away from our testing table.’
    • ‘It is also the result of the recent acceleration of concentration and globalization strategies in the press, strategies that have turned out to be extremely detrimental to image-makers.’
    • ‘Micheline - a year younger than 70-year-old Sean - has done nothing to deter the image-makers from portraying her as the quiet country wife.’
    • ‘You only have to look around to understand that in his hands, and the hands of the image-makers who have made his face one of the most famous on the planet, golf is in danger of becoming as mainstream as football.’
    • ‘The liars and image-makers in Washington and the media understand little of the historical process and its deep impact on popular consciousness.’
    • ‘The image-makers have more tools to play with now, so the lines of demarcation between consumer and consumee have blurred.’
    • ‘Perhaps the image-makers found that Australians associated the name with tradition and sturdy architecture.’
    • ‘As soon as the image-makers get hold of her it will start to happen.’
    • ‘Why should politicians be the only ones to make use of the image-makers?’
    • ‘It is wrong to say that the media are in charge of making someone popular or act as image-makers.’
    • ‘The object of his adoration was the most romantic figure of his time and its greatest image-maker: Napoleon.’
    • ‘The tweedy figure from an age of patrician Toryism must be an image-maker's worst nightmare.’
    • ‘It's difficult to know how to describe him, but image-maker extraordinaire is as good a description as any.’