Meaning of image-conscious in English:


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  • Concerned about the general impression that one presents to other people.

    ‘why would image-conscious politicians risk such humiliation?’
    • ‘New research shows that image-conscious young people are more worried about the state of their mouths than older generations.’
    • ‘Their amazing frontman was sufficiently image-conscious to wear a bespoke jacket and fedora.’
    • ‘Surely, no image-conscious bank would inconvenience its customers needlessly.’
    • ‘Image-conscious women - and men - have been quick to take advantage of the technique to reduce lines, wrinkles and scars.’
    • ‘With Baby Boomer consumers and image-conscious X'ers having babies, maybe it's inevitable that designers cater to their babies and children with cutting-edge couture.’
    • ‘If you've got clients visiting you all the time, or if you're in an image-conscious field, an impressive office with all the trappings of success might be essential.’
    • ‘Clinics report a doubling in the number of image-conscious men who have gone under the surgeon's scalpel over the past two years.’
    • ‘In the competitive and image-conscious world of recording studios, it's difficult to get people to talk honestly, on the record, about the realities of their business.’
    • ‘The gyms out here tend to be full of image-conscious posers who care nothing about what's inside a person's head.’
    • ‘"It's difficult not to be image-conscious when you are on television," said Alex.’