Meaning of image processing in English:

image processing

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mass noun
  • The analysis and manipulation of a digitized image, especially in order to improve its quality.

    as modifier ‘image processing software’
    • ‘Each image was then transferred to a computer for image processing and analysis.’
    • ‘As a computer engineering major, his main interests are in biomedical imaging systems and advanced image processing algorithms.’
    • ‘The image processing system receives and stores blocks associated with a second video frame in the DRAM.’
    • ‘Sophisticated microscopy, digital image processing, and computer-assisted analysis have now clarified these processes.’
    • ‘One example is a chapter on image processing and analysis that is rife with formulas and technical information beyond the scope of most readers.’
    • ‘These algorithms find usefulness in image processing, rendering and compression.’
    • ‘The book finally touches on data storage, file formats and image processing which again could have been covered in more depth.’
    • ‘In addition, the scanning software comes with documentation, installation, and improvements to its scanning and image processing features.’
    • ‘That's one of the reasons why some photographers and print makers bemoan the advent of desktop digital image processing.’
    • ‘For instance, for the first time, visitors will find in Hall 1 a Digital Imaging Area, which will focus on topics such as digital photography and image processing.’
    • ‘The digitized images were analyzed with image processing software (National Institute of Health public domain software).’
    • ‘Another aspect of the invention distinguishes thin lines from edges more accurately, and thus often produces fewer visual artifacts, than prior image processing circuits.’
    • ‘The sensors, combined with new image processing algorithms, have also allowed the group to make advances in important applications like reconstructive surgery.’
    • ‘It is clear that the development of online journalism has created a demand for newsworkers who have new skills, particularly in HTML and digital image processing.’
    • ‘During the past 12 years, the company has innovated better and faster algorithms and technologies for image processing and barcode recognition.’
    • ‘An image processing apparatus is also disclosed.’
    • ‘High definition recording requires fast image processing speeds to ensure a clear, detailed picture, with virtually no loss of picture data.’
    • ‘When you start doing circuit layouts, math models and simulations, image processing and other engineering work, you need room.’
    • ‘They took sets of 3 images at different spatial phases and combined them using standard image processing techniques.’
    • ‘Here advanced image processing must be carried out to fly through windows and doors and to avoid collisions with obstacles.’