Meaning of imager in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪmɪdʒə/

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  • An electronic or other device which records images of something.

    ‘a thermal imager’
    • ‘Also, instead of mechanical scanning, the newest generation of digital imagers now uses electronics to focus on one part of the image, reducing noise and the complexity of the equipment.’
    • ‘Some of these would include television cameras, thermal imagers and FLIR (forward-looking, infrared radars).’
    • ‘A current example is a digital camera on a chip that includes the imager, all control electronics, and an analog-to-digital converter - all on the same silicon chip.’
    • ‘Essentially, we had pretended to be representatives of a British defense firm peddling handheld thermal imagers to the Indian army.’
    • ‘The thermal-imaging common modules are made up of detector dewars, cryogenic coolers, light-emitting diode arrays, mechanical scanners, optical imagers and collimators, and electronic circuit cards.’
    • ‘More important has been the ongoing improvements in computer processing power and in the ability of uncooked thermal imagers to detect targets.’
    • ‘In the 1990s, a few police agencies embraced the capability to see at night and to locate people with thermal imagers by installing systems on helicopters, and later on the top of police cruisers.’
    • ‘Laser-based active imaging provides high-resolution day and night imaging and can help eliminate the problem of diurnal contrast reversal common to thermal imagers.’
    • ‘Low-light cameras typically cost less, but they offer fewer capabilities than long-wavelength thermal imagers.’
    • ‘The technique we used is analogous to that employed by radiology imagers, such as computed tomography scanners.’
    • ‘In other cases, thermal imagers are being used by highway inspectors to monitor brake operation in trucks.’
    • ‘The thermal imager has a field of view of 8 x 6° and it operates in the long-wave infrared spectral band.’
    • ‘From the night-vision option in your next automobile to the thermal imager used by your surgeon, your everyday life will be impacted.’
    • ‘The thermal imager is used in parallel for missile guidance.’
    • ‘It's a thermal imager that can detect termites behind walls and in other hard-to-reach places.’
    • ‘Digital imagers are being integrated into our lives as never before.’
    • ‘I should point out that in every case, I was shooting just a few degrees north of the sun, so the imager should probably be commended for overexposing the sky to bring out detail in the foreground.’
    • ‘The imager works by reflecting laser light from millions of different points on the object being scanned.’
    • ‘Yet scientists used to regularly cart around sensitive microphones, video cameras, infrared imagers etc. etc. trying to capture these critters.’
    • ‘An object image is picked up through the taking lens by an imager, and an output signal of the imager is converted into image data.’